28 stycznia 2011

Tulle skirt for the Princess

H&M released a collection that will attract attention Hime. These are the tulle ballerina-style skirt in 2 types.

first set:

Available in colors: black and nude
Skirt - 28.03 USD, but if you look on the internet, you can get it cheaper.
I bought a black and nude on the hunt, I wanted to leave you a link, but unfortunately the same could not be found ... you have to look on google.

second set:

Skirt with bow.
Price -?
I don't know, I haven't seen it on the internet, maybe because I was looking for then, and have not paid attention to that. Begins to tempt me this skirt =)
Just look at Google, or simply in the living room of H& M.

Skirts in the crown.
Available colors: black and beige.
Price - 28.03 USD
You can find cheaper on the internet - you have to look for.

Every princess should have her ~!

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