19 czerwca 2013

Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Fresh Emulsion Review

This time -  review cosmetics from brand Holika Holika. This is an emulsion. Full name is Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Fresh Emulsion. 

Brief description of cosmetics:
" Emulsion for Face of Holika Holika is hypoallergenic care of your skin. This gentle line of cosmetics "Pure Water Fairy" is free from:
- dyes
- Artificial flavors / fragrances
- benzophenone
- Mineral oils
- alcohol
- Paraben
Light formula hydrates and smoothes the skin. There are two versions: blue for combination and oily skin - moisturizes and smoothes the skin smooth with no load and the blockage of the skin, and pink for normal to dry skin - more nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness. Use after tonic."

Capacity is 170ml. First impression - sooooo efficient cosmetic. Just a very small amount - pea size - the portion is enough for the whole face. Friendly packaging.

Smell hm .. reminds me of citrus, quite intense, but after a while it ceases to feel. The consistency of watery efficient. I didn't notice any irritation on the skin. Fantastically smooth, the skin is soft after him! =)

When it comes to requirements for the cosmetic ... we can't have them too much. This cosmetic is designed to connect him with others, not as a standalone product.
- moisturizes
- good smoothed
- doesn't irritate
- prepares the skin to accept other cosmetics...

Good job!

The composition isn't known to me .. = (I can't discern it, or on the web or anywhere .. Unless someone knows how to translate what is written on the back of the package =)

In summary ... It gives maximum points., Because it meets the expectations, come smell would be less intense. Is it recommendable? Of course! Recently tried it before bb cream and smoothed my skin so good distributed bb cream on the face.

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