28 sierpnia 2011

Types of Gyaru

Note for beginners girls who don't yet know what they want to represent Gyaru subcategories.

Here is a list:

Hime Gyaru - style girl into a princess. The cabinet is dominated by their dresses, heels, pearls and all in pastel colors.

Amuro - girls who want to look like a Japanese R&B - Namie Amuro - sunkissed skin, light brown curls and wearing short skirts and high boots.

Kogal/Kogyaru highschool girls who follow gal style by altering school uniforms, dying hair and tanning their skin.

Yamamba - It is characterized by the panda-style makeup. Heavily tanned, white shadows under the eyes, on the mouth and the center of the nose. Dress is very colorful, almost neon-style Hawaii. Hair as the most colorful.

Banba - is lighter version of Manba. Banba wear lighter clothes and require less white "miscellaneous" on the face, but wouldn't give up interesting colors on the head.

Manba - or (in my opinion) something between the Banba and Yamamba. Dyed her hair blonde or white, colored clothes, a tan and make-up panda.

B-Gal -  girls who dress in the style of hip-hop. They have clothes in the style of reggae.B-gal can be tanned or not. In this sub-category of Gyaru - Dancehall is very popular.

Ganguro - similar to Yamamby, everything in neon, colorful and accessories with cartoon etc.

Rasuta GyaruRasta style is big in Japan so of course it is big in GAL style also, characterized by Jamaican flags, red-green-yellow, Bob Marley, and lots of straw handbags or hemp clothing. Not to be confused with B-Gyaru but can be sort of a spin-off also.

Onee Gyaru - look a'la older sister. Most girls are already at 25 (or earlier) years, who want to be a little calm. Toned color hair blond and brown. Dress rather less noisily, elegantly and subtly.

Himekaji - Hime Gyaru in the casual version.

Gyaru-kei - this subcategories doesn't require a tan and is divided into many categories, the most common ones are:

- Amekaji - american brand casual wear. Often found in Egg magazine.

- Romantic Gal - sweet romantic clothes.

Bohemian - long dress with flowers, vest or fur and hat.

- Rokku-Rock more of the claw style (rock).

There are many other categories, but I think these are some of the most popular.
I hope that each will find something for themselves.

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  1. I'm like a mixture of Amekaji & Romantic Gal.
    Always switches. I need to stick to one but i don't know which will suit me better :)

  2. nice to know this site. i'm so exited ^_^. very cute. it's so fairy. dodaj komentarz? what language is it? no france. another?.



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