17 września 2011

Must-have - cosmetics

Now I arrange everything in one piece ... that's what you need to have in your make-up bag.

Cosmetics needed to create the perfect make-up Gyaru:

- BB cream

- Concealer (we focus primarily on "creating" the perfect complexion)

- Eyebrow pencil (Gyaru rather use bright crayons or shadow eyebrows - for example, light brown)

- Shadows - first glittering (may be white, cream - just light) second darker, for example brown (may be mat)

- Black eyeliner 

- Cheeck blush - intense raspberry or a delicate - at its discretion

- Lip gloss - or lipstick . Colors to choose: nude, delicate roses, thistles roses, intense red  (for Rebel/Rokku Gyaru)

- False eyelashes

- Colored contact lenses - Big eyes, color at its own discretion

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