20 lutego 2011

Royal Bath

Each of us is a princess, so we should make pleasant your life at every step.

All liquids, gels, powders, flowers and other charming things make our bath can be an adventure paradise in the spa, or an interesting fun.
Many cosmetics manufacturers to put "appetizing dip" in the beautiful chocolate, strawberry flavors.
Bathing is a time of rest and relaxation for the body, we can also relax your mind andget out of the bath rested and happy.
Dairy Fun are cosmetics, which I personally adore, and habitually use for bathing.
I really recommend, because they are brilliant =)

They are colorful, fun and fragrant juicy fruits, shower gels, salts and powders are a great idea to relax for those larger and smaller fans bathing rituals. Cosmetics DairyFun series with the addition of yogurt provide great fun in the bath, while pampering the body and senses. With its specially developed formula gently wash, leaving you feelingfresh and beautiful fragrance.


So often in Hollywood movies appeared in the swimming jelly topic. Do you never had the desire to be in their place?
Now is such an opportunity and it is without having stretched the entire stock of jelly inlocal supermarkets!
Bath gel Gelicity - specially selected mixture enriched with vitamins and minerals. Justto sprinkle water bath powder that already after a few seconds to sit in a thick, sweet-smelling goo:) To rinse, pour the powder accompanying the second and "everything will return to normal"

For those who wish spa a homemade recipes I'll show you recipes for relaxing bath =)

Recipe no 1
Everyone probably knows, I put a lot of rose petals and light a candle.

Recipe no 2 
The bath of this type of well-loosening, and in addition will make the skin will be delicate, soft and well moisturized.
Liter of milk being heated over low heat and add a cup of honey. Pour the whole into a tub of warm water.

Recipe no 3
The original composition of the essential oil used in the evening bath to relax us and tune in to sleep. If we do not then rinse your body, just gently wipe with a towel, the flavor will stay with us throughout the night and we will be rocked to sleep.

5 drops of lavender essential oil,
3 drops of juniper essential oil,
1 drop of thyme oil,
1 drop of orange essential oil.

Have a nice fun!=)

11 lutego 2011

Contact Lenses - Big Eyes

In Japan, there is a frenzy to the point of contact lenses, type "Circle Lens", which give the impression of larger eyes.

Their secret is a larger area, regular lenses have something around 11mm, the lens Circle Lens has 14 mm.
These lenses have already mastered the whole world, and Koreans invented them - thank you so much ;D
There are a wide range of colors and effects.

They allow you to looks fun.
Asian women create on so-called. Ulzzang, which is characterized by a light skin, small and slim nose and large round eyes like a child.
No problem we can buy them online, where there is a very large selection.

Circle Lens can be purchased at:

CircleLens2U - LINK

PinkyParadise - LINK