23 czerwca 2013

Gyaru's eyebrows - step by step

Videos, photos, tutorials ... on the web instructions for Gyaru makeup style is a lot!

In any of these videos or photos play central role eyes ... Example tutorial contains 15 pictures "step by step" in the 10 photos only eye makeup ... what about the eyebrows? After all, eyebrows to frame the entire eye makeup ... they give character to the entire face. It shouldn't forget about them!

Eyebrows are a matter of taste ... but also features! Not everyone fits eyebrows arranged and styled like a Gween Stefani.

Today eyebrows adjust to color hair, but there are some ladies that despite the fair color of hair, prefer dark eyebrows ..Eyebrows may be 1-2 tones darker than the hair, but not a total extreme! looks uninteresting .. Well .. we leave Europe and go to Asia! Here we call in a short time to Korea =)

In Korea, the styling of the "straight line" (as I call it =)). Eyebrows simple, short, sometimes very thick with natural color.

The shape of the eyebrows is very popular in Korea, I would say even dominant. We're going to Japan ... Gyaru style eyebrows .. and here I want to devote a little more space.

How I promised before .. I will explain step by step.

1 step:

Gyaru have a more natural, than the Korean eyebrow to the principle of simple and short. It is a delicate eyebrow, not adjusted too high. Gentle rounding soothes features and makes the face takes on an innocent charm.

2 step:

We notice that Gyaru ... cut the their eyebrows! We notice that Gyaru ... cut the her eyebrows! Sometimes to the extreme lack. Serve them for that special KAI EyebrowScissors .

You don't need to import it from Japan, I found on the web the same with Sally Hansen - Brow Scissors. In the Company is also a set of scissors + tweezers.

Price - around $5.

3 step:

Gyaru lighten eyebrows .. have for that special cosmetics. How can we lighten it up? You can lighten them for example hair dye, but you have to wash off 10-15 minutes earlier than the manufacturer recommends for your hair.

You can also brighten them up brightener for hair on the face of Sally Hansen - Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach

Price - around $8.

The market was introduced the eyebrow gel Refectocil in shade no. 0 Blonde. Its purpose is to lighten eyebrows. Color lasts up to six weeks, does not dyes the skin and pack enough for about 30 applications.

Price - around £7.

4 step:

Make eyebrows is to use light shadow or eyebrow pencils. Light brown and preferably blonde.

Good luck!

19 czerwca 2013

Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Fresh Emulsion Review

This time -  review cosmetics from brand Holika Holika. This is an emulsion. Full name is Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Fresh Emulsion. 

Brief description of cosmetics:
" Emulsion for Face of Holika Holika is hypoallergenic care of your skin. This gentle line of cosmetics "Pure Water Fairy" is free from:
- dyes
- Artificial flavors / fragrances
- benzophenone
- Mineral oils
- alcohol
- Paraben
Light formula hydrates and smoothes the skin. There are two versions: blue for combination and oily skin - moisturizes and smoothes the skin smooth with no load and the blockage of the skin, and pink for normal to dry skin - more nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness. Use after tonic."

Capacity is 170ml. First impression - sooooo efficient cosmetic. Just a very small amount - pea size - the portion is enough for the whole face. Friendly packaging.

Smell hm .. reminds me of citrus, quite intense, but after a while it ceases to feel. The consistency of watery efficient. I didn't notice any irritation on the skin. Fantastically smooth, the skin is soft after him! =)

When it comes to requirements for the cosmetic ... we can't have them too much. This cosmetic is designed to connect him with others, not as a standalone product.
- moisturizes
- good smoothed
- doesn't irritate
- prepares the skin to accept other cosmetics...

Good job!

The composition isn't known to me .. = (I can't discern it, or on the web or anywhere .. Unless someone knows how to translate what is written on the back of the package =)

In summary ... It gives maximum points., Because it meets the expectations, come smell would be less intense. Is it recommendable? Of course! Recently tried it before bb cream and smoothed my skin so good distributed bb cream on the face.

10 czerwca 2013

BB cream vs CC cream. What is the difference?

Recently, the Asian cosmetics market, it can be seen that the producers of the popular BB creams introduce to market new products called ... simply CC creams. I think a lot of women who follow Asian miracles fascinated by the emergence of a mysterious cosmetic ...

Many women also asked themselves the question what is CC cream and how it differs from the well-known and respected BB cream.

At the beginning I invite those ladies who want to learn something about BB cream, the post is dedicated to BB creams.

In a nutshell ... BB cream is a cosmetic all-in-one. Cosmetic multitasking - depending on the manufacturer can for example: moisturize, brighten, anti-aging, protect against UVA and UVB, control sebum production etc. Don't create a mask effect, leaves your skin a healthy appearance.

So .. what is the difference? Well CC cream is (in my opinion) a "higher level" BB cream. This product suggest a higher offer, above all, their job is stronger cover off. CC kremy (colour&care lub colour correcting) have a smaller composition the more minerals - natural ingredients and more medicinal creams to help you work better.

The product is very promising, I personally haven't tried it, but I'm curious how it works. Short summary:

If you have normal skin, mixed or mature without too much trouble, or sporadic ... I think BB cream is a cosmetic for you! Well cover off, for skin without "major" problem is quite sufficient, why unnecessarily combine .. right?

If you have very sensitive skin, dilated capillaries, acne-prone skin, which creates problems, you choose a  CC cream. I think it will hide the dish, red place, all kinds of serious imperfections and natrualne ingredients don't irritate hypersensitive skin.

Skin79 The Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus Review

Another review of the Gyaru Kei ... This time the eye serum \cream from Skin79 The Oriental Gold Plus.

Brief description of this cosmetic:
"Eye Serum from Skin79.
The manufacturer provides:
- Lighten dark circles
- Prevent wrinkles
- moisturizes
- smoothes
- Improves skin tone
It has extracts of caviar and white, green and black tea. "

My first impression was positive ... I didn't expect such a large tube. Most cosmetics for eyes are tiny tubes that go very fast .. and this seemed to be quite large for eye cosmetics.

Serum Skin79 and example Polish under-eye cream, which has a typical shape for this type of cosmetics (Ziaja) - both have 15ml. It surprised me! Both cosmetics differ in size, but have the same capacity. So, the first impression fool me.
I thought it would be more of a cosmetic. The fact that such a large package may be a combination of a tube with serum plus a large applicator.

What the cosmetic ... serum has the consistency of a gel, absorbs quickly. It smells very nice, gently. When it comes to brightening is actually noticed this effect, but it was fine... maybe because I've used it only two times. It seems to me that once applied over night is not enough .. because I use it for a night and a day. It seems to me that once applied over night isn't enough .. because I use it for a night and a day. Pretty good moisturizing, if you use it 2 times a day - I think that the results can be great, of course, when used regularly. Super smooth.

Great for summer!

It's sitting in my fridge. I use it in the morning, when my eyes are swollen. The effect of lightening plus pleasant coolness makes getting rid of the effect of a tired look.

The only unpleasant thing I've noticed in the cosmetic is that if you get into the eye is quite baked. If you take care to cosmetic doesn't get into the eye, nothing bad will happen.=)

The consistency of the gel allows the use of a small amount of cosmetic which makes it economical.

In summary gives him 4 on 5 points. Why four? It's very nice, but not perfect. It may be missing something, or maybe just I use it for short. However, it is worth recommending.

Last photo is a photo composition.

09 czerwca 2013

You look like Tsubasa Masuwaka...

Cumulative post dedicated to styling the famous Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwake. Videos devoted to the model's a lot, so I have enclosed a few.

Tsubasa has a delicate, fresh and very girly look.
Eyebrows slightly accented, flawless complexion, eyeliner, false eyelashes, blush and lip gloss in sweet sugary - pink shade .. and of course, colored lenses!

Tsubasa's hair are wonderful! Fluffy, healthy and perfect hairstyle.

So in the end -  nails - colorful, sweet, here are suggestions:

I hope that after this post, each of you will be so sweet and girly like Tsubasa =)

The July Popteen

Poopteen a fashion magazine for young girls. One of the most popular magazines for Gyaru. Published in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The main face Popteen'u is a popular model Tsubasa Masuwaka. Other people, who appeared on the cover of the magazine is Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, Britney Spears, Fergie and Gwen Stefani.

In July edition of the most interesting was the section on beauty.
I enclose a photo with interesting ideas for hair and make-up =)