09 czerwca 2013

Onee Gyaru's wardrobe

A short presentation of subcategories Gyaru, today talking about Onee Gyaru.
Well... "Onee Gyaru - it's a look a'la older sister. There are mostly girls after 25 (or earlier) years of age who want a little calm. They dye their hair in soft blonde and brown. They dress elegantly and subtly."

This is mainly dominated by the elegance, class, sexiness but with taste.

Black color will be the basic color, you can also use blue, white, beige, etc.

Jackets, silk blouses, tube, leggings ...All that elegant = ) Of course this is just my suggestion ... themselves can choose what suits you.

Recommended shops for Onee are:
- Orsay
- Camaieu
- Zara
- Bershka
- Mango

Cosmetics: The same as in Hime Gyaru, but Onee want to look more mature, bronzer rather than pink blush to the cheeks, lip gloss usually is nude colour, eyes accented by black or brown eyeliner or pencil. Eyes in the foreground!

Jewelry should be delicate.

- Vivi
- Scawaii
- Jelly

In this sub-category Gyaru need to demonstrate the ability to combine clothes that were obviously nicely! =)

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