10 czerwca 2013

BB cream vs CC cream. What is the difference?

Recently, the Asian cosmetics market, it can be seen that the producers of the popular BB creams introduce to market new products called ... simply CC creams. I think a lot of women who follow Asian miracles fascinated by the emergence of a mysterious cosmetic ...

Many women also asked themselves the question what is CC cream and how it differs from the well-known and respected BB cream.

At the beginning I invite those ladies who want to learn something about BB cream, the post is dedicated to BB creams.

In a nutshell ... BB cream is a cosmetic all-in-one. Cosmetic multitasking - depending on the manufacturer can for example: moisturize, brighten, anti-aging, protect against UVA and UVB, control sebum production etc. Don't create a mask effect, leaves your skin a healthy appearance.

So .. what is the difference? Well CC cream is (in my opinion) a "higher level" BB cream. This product suggest a higher offer, above all, their job is stronger cover off. CC kremy (colour&care lub colour correcting) have a smaller composition the more minerals - natural ingredients and more medicinal creams to help you work better.

The product is very promising, I personally haven't tried it, but I'm curious how it works. Short summary:

If you have normal skin, mixed or mature without too much trouble, or sporadic ... I think BB cream is a cosmetic for you! Well cover off, for skin without "major" problem is quite sufficient, why unnecessarily combine .. right?

If you have very sensitive skin, dilated capillaries, acne-prone skin, which creates problems, you choose a  CC cream. I think it will hide the dish, red place, all kinds of serious imperfections and natrualne ingredients don't irritate hypersensitive skin.

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