10 czerwca 2013

Skin79 The Oriental Double Perfection Eye Healer Plus Review

Another review of the Gyaru Kei ... This time the eye serum \cream from Skin79 The Oriental Gold Plus.

Brief description of this cosmetic:
"Eye Serum from Skin79.
The manufacturer provides:
- Lighten dark circles
- Prevent wrinkles
- moisturizes
- smoothes
- Improves skin tone
It has extracts of caviar and white, green and black tea. "

My first impression was positive ... I didn't expect such a large tube. Most cosmetics for eyes are tiny tubes that go very fast .. and this seemed to be quite large for eye cosmetics.

Serum Skin79 and example Polish under-eye cream, which has a typical shape for this type of cosmetics (Ziaja) - both have 15ml. It surprised me! Both cosmetics differ in size, but have the same capacity. So, the first impression fool me.
I thought it would be more of a cosmetic. The fact that such a large package may be a combination of a tube with serum plus a large applicator.

What the cosmetic ... serum has the consistency of a gel, absorbs quickly. It smells very nice, gently. When it comes to brightening is actually noticed this effect, but it was fine... maybe because I've used it only two times. It seems to me that once applied over night is not enough .. because I use it for a night and a day. It seems to me that once applied over night isn't enough .. because I use it for a night and a day. Pretty good moisturizing, if you use it 2 times a day - I think that the results can be great, of course, when used regularly. Super smooth.

Great for summer!

It's sitting in my fridge. I use it in the morning, when my eyes are swollen. The effect of lightening plus pleasant coolness makes getting rid of the effect of a tired look.

The only unpleasant thing I've noticed in the cosmetic is that if you get into the eye is quite baked. If you take care to cosmetic doesn't get into the eye, nothing bad will happen.=)

The consistency of the gel allows the use of a small amount of cosmetic which makes it economical.

In summary gives him 4 on 5 points. Why four? It's very nice, but not perfect. It may be missing something, or maybe just I use it for short. However, it is worth recommending.

Last photo is a photo composition.

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