23 czerwca 2013

Gyaru's eyebrows - step by step

Videos, photos, tutorials ... on the web instructions for Gyaru makeup style is a lot!

In any of these videos or photos play central role eyes ... Example tutorial contains 15 pictures "step by step" in the 10 photos only eye makeup ... what about the eyebrows? After all, eyebrows to frame the entire eye makeup ... they give character to the entire face. It shouldn't forget about them!

Eyebrows are a matter of taste ... but also features! Not everyone fits eyebrows arranged and styled like a Gween Stefani.

Today eyebrows adjust to color hair, but there are some ladies that despite the fair color of hair, prefer dark eyebrows ..Eyebrows may be 1-2 tones darker than the hair, but not a total extreme! looks uninteresting .. Well .. we leave Europe and go to Asia! Here we call in a short time to Korea =)

In Korea, the styling of the "straight line" (as I call it =)). Eyebrows simple, short, sometimes very thick with natural color.

The shape of the eyebrows is very popular in Korea, I would say even dominant. We're going to Japan ... Gyaru style eyebrows .. and here I want to devote a little more space.

How I promised before .. I will explain step by step.

1 step:

Gyaru have a more natural, than the Korean eyebrow to the principle of simple and short. It is a delicate eyebrow, not adjusted too high. Gentle rounding soothes features and makes the face takes on an innocent charm.

2 step:

We notice that Gyaru ... cut the their eyebrows! We notice that Gyaru ... cut the her eyebrows! Sometimes to the extreme lack. Serve them for that special KAI EyebrowScissors .

You don't need to import it from Japan, I found on the web the same with Sally Hansen - Brow Scissors. In the Company is also a set of scissors + tweezers.

Price - around $5.

3 step:

Gyaru lighten eyebrows .. have for that special cosmetics. How can we lighten it up? You can lighten them for example hair dye, but you have to wash off 10-15 minutes earlier than the manufacturer recommends for your hair.

You can also brighten them up brightener for hair on the face of Sally Hansen - Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach

Price - around $8.

The market was introduced the eyebrow gel Refectocil in shade no. 0 Blonde. Its purpose is to lighten eyebrows. Color lasts up to six weeks, does not dyes the skin and pack enough for about 30 applications.

Price - around £7.

4 step:

Make eyebrows is to use light shadow or eyebrow pencils. Light brown and preferably blonde.

Good luck!

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