30 kwietnia 2011

Asian BB Cream

I think we all know something about BB creams, because they are so popular lately in the cosmetic world, that everywhere about it loudly.

What is the BB cream?
It is an idea pharmaceutical company from beginning for people after plastic surgery (scars, swelling, etc.).
With time, it started to use celebrities.
Now is available for every woman. 

How does it work?
This is a cream with foundation matching perfectly to the skin. It has vitamins and other ingredients deeply nourish the skin.
Cover - according to the company - has medium or strong, but it has been created in order to give asian woman adored by the effect of natural appearance.
BB Creams are currently many on the market and you can choose yourself somedepending on your preference:
Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, with filter, without filter, giving a matt finish, giving a satin finish (...).
Great mask dark circles under the eyes and skin color of the inequalities.

How do I apply?
Every day. As a foundation or base under.

BB Cream, depending on the company occurs in three versions:
1. Light shade matching to skin color
2. Dark shade matching to skin color
3. No shade. Universal shade, which adjusts itself to clear and dark skin.

This cream is working wonders!
I recommend, because I use the same =)

Companies that used it, or I use and recommend:
- Missha
- Skin79
- Lioele

03 kwietnia 2011

Hello Kitty

Each of you probably know a sweet cat, invented by the Japanese brand of Sanrio.

Is the heroine of animated films, computer games, decoration of many gadgets.
She is very kawaii and therefore is a favorite Gyaru.

This cat is very popular in Japan and Korea.

Gyaru love Hello Kitty. They think thathave anything to Hello Kitty is essential in their wardrobe.
Hello Kitty is also a frequent guest on the catwalks in Shibuya.