11 lutego 2011

Contact Lenses - Big Eyes

In Japan, there is a frenzy to the point of contact lenses, type "Circle Lens", which give the impression of larger eyes.

Their secret is a larger area, regular lenses have something around 11mm, the lens Circle Lens has 14 mm.
These lenses have already mastered the whole world, and Koreans invented them - thank you so much ;D
There are a wide range of colors and effects.

They allow you to looks fun.
Asian women create on so-called. Ulzzang, which is characterized by a light skin, small and slim nose and large round eyes like a child.
No problem we can buy them online, where there is a very large selection.

Circle Lens can be purchased at:

CircleLens2U - LINK

PinkyParadise - LINK 

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  1. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

    Contact Lenses for Big Eyes

  2. I've found a 15 mm GEO contact lenses. It's adorable. I want to buy it but I'm scared if it too big, it will look weird on me.


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