15 sierpnia 2011

Lioele Beyond The Solution Review

Review of another BB cream - Brand: Lioele.

What the manufacturer promises?
" Long-lasting BB cream- soothing and keeps skin smooth without sebum secretion..
Helps to create a clean and natural skin tone by being absorbed into your skin with a soft usage. This enables speedy make-up application due to the unnecessary need to apply makeup base or foundation. Ingredients such as bisaborol, licorice root acid derivatives, allantoin, etc. soothe your skin and ingredients such as jojoba oil, macadamianut oil, hyaluronic acid derivatives, vegetable collagen, etc. keep your skin moist and smooth."

I have a dry skin and this BB cream shows overdried part of my skin.I have put before him a well-moisturizing cream that I had a pretty face.

Foundation  is an individual matter, one woman is happy, the other not.=)

Generally, I like this BB cream, the color is definitely for me, well hidden.

Don't whitening, don't create a mask  - a big plus.
Rating: 4/5 points.
Subtract 1 point for a fact that shows the dry areas of skin.

Lioele ingredients after which the skin is lit. Good powder and no problem.

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