18 stycznia 2011

Make up

Today, I attach photos showing step by step stages of formation make up Gyaru , together with a description and proposed cosmetics to comply with such a makeup.

1. To face seemed to be more tanned before we should use cream self-tanning. 

2. We put foundation to match your skin (pictured model uses a darker foundation, but every day it is better not let us do such experiments, because in the daylight it will look awful).

3. We put the concealer in the area require it, or the shadows under the eyes or any imperfections in the form of pimples, the model uses a light foundation instead of the equalizer, if you want to get a natural effect, do the same as a model.

4. Concealer or light foundation applied on the tip and along the nose, in the middle of the forehead and cheeks and chin. We can use Radiance Cosmetics.

5. Face powder it exactly. Remember powder it your eyelids! That is the basis, to the eye shadows are keep longer.

6. We use a blush to the cheeks. If you do not want, you can skip this step.

7. If you have a naturally bright eyebrows can be slightly darker by dint of eyeshadows, but it is not necessary. Lay your eyebrows into the perfect bow.

8. On the movable part of the eyelid we put brown shade.

9. Draw eyeliner lines on the top and bottom leaving slightly beyond the frame of the eye to create the effect more almond eyes.

10. Reduces eyelashes. If mother nature has not endowed you with naturally thicklashes you dokleić artificial.

11.Lips painted lipstick in the color nude. If you do not have this color of lipstick you can apply the foundation for the mouth and lip gloss. Foundation can also be a base for the lipstick.

If time allows me, I'll do a movie with this makeup.

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