24 stycznia 2011

Perfect complexion Hime Gyaru Part 2 - Care

Asian women attach great significance for skin care, we admire them for a youthful appearance that lasts a long time. We certainly owe their diet, but also the proper skin care.
The key to beautiful and well-kept skin it's basic stages of daily care.

The first step is purification.
- Clinique (of course, skip this step if you're just preparing to leave)
- skin cleansing with cleansing cream or oil
- skin cleansing gel or foam to the face
- highly moisturizing lotion (it sounds strange, but in Japan such cosmetics are =))
- moisturizing lotion (or any other - it depends on your skin), but I personally omit this step because I believe that my skin is then "swamped" and not breathing, but it also depends on a suitable emulsion for the face, because with us in Poland, a lot of cosmetics contain paraffin (Paraffin Oil), this is really the cheapest product used by manufacturers to moisturize the skin. If it is more or less at the end of the composition of cosmetics (Composition of cosmetics analyze this: if the product is at the beginning of the composition, ie it is in greatest concentration (ie, is it the most), the product is getting closer to the end this is simply less in the cosmetic ) sometime analyze the composition of your product is important, because it depends on whether the cosmetics actually fulfill their mission.Return to the paraffin, if is more or less at 5 items or low, it is better for us because paraffin is important, but in sufficient quantity, through her skin is hydrated and forms a protective coating - and if is 4 items or higher will hurt us, because it is a derivative of crude oil, so it will clog pores, causing our skin will not breathe - with a side effect, we can wake up in the form of pimples, if it is very high (2 position) it is better to let us postpone the cosmetic in ledge, such cosmetic will create ideal conditions for bacteria, which arises due to acne. 
- moisturizing cream (or another depending on the skin)
On the day instead of the cream Asian women use cream sunscreen, they can not do without it, because in Asia there is a cult of snow-white skin, but also everyone knows about the harmful effects of excessive sun dip - early aging of the skin, discoloration, etc. To prove to you that skin that has little to do with direct contact to UV rays is moisturized, soft, etc.. is the skin behind the ear, which does not have access to too much light. We can test it and just to touch that part of the skin.
Asian women in cosmetics to pay attention to whether it contains alcohol (as everyone knows the alcohol dries, but it also is antibacterial, so if it's at the end of this composition is not yet nothing terrible, but the lotion should be alcohol-free, even if you have oily skin, because It needs to reduce excessive sebum and it really is a type of skin requires moisture and not dry. Another very important component, the Asian women bypass a wide berth are so-called SLS'sy, this is foaming agents cause dryness of the skin and are the most common ingredient in shampoos, lotions, bath
shower gel, facial gels, etc.. In Japan, you can easily find without any alcohol and toiletries in the composition of the SLS, on us in Poland it is a fairly small selection, but it is not so bad. The next note I write, what cosmetics contain no SLS, and what ingredients in cosmetics are harmful. I think when it comes to care skin in Japan is a pretty big topic and I will often move.

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