23 stycznia 2011

Perfect complexion Hime Gyaru Part 1 - Make Up

Asian women are famous for their perfect white complexion. Hime strive for it to be perfect, so your makeup, hair and skin care attach very great importance.
Key to hime makeup is:
- flawless complexion
- heavily accented eyes
- lips in shades of nude and sweet colors.

Spotless skin is the important factor in any makeup. Today, we are dealing with the subject "How to achieve flawless skin effect through the makeup"

There are a lot of Asian beauty products that will help us in this.
Proposes 5 steps very simple steps to perfect make-up.

1. The Harmony of colors:

Concealers hiding imperfections associated with the color and shine of the skin.

2. The perfect complexion:

I proposed BB creams. Super smooth the skin, cover up minor imperfections, nourish the skin and do not form a mask effect. Choosing BB cream is a matter of individual choice.

3. The great finish:

Asian powders are mostly transparent, adapt the color of the skin, give a soft finish. Often you can find them with a very high UV protection.

4. The sexy look:
The shadows that highlight the look.

In Asia and around the world are available a very wide range of eye shadows in various colors. Colors should choose according to their own style.

5. Lipsticks and outliner to mouth

Lipsticks and glosses, like shadows - are selected according to their own style.

Every woman want to get a professional make-up, cosmetics Asian enable it. They are designed for Gyaru.

I invite you for a few days to continuation of the 'perfect complexion Hime "this time, skin care, which is an important step for any Asian girls because they put on a natural appearance and beauty, natural and healthy skin is a treasure, makeup can help enhance a beautiful face, but it will not cover skin problems, so we need to focus on the proper care.

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