18 stycznia 2011

How to become Hime Gyaru?

How to become one of Hime.? It requires, because hime's got a their principles. In this note I can show you, how to visually change in Hgyaru.

1. Tan
Hime - compared to other styles Gyaru have little sun tan, or do not have it at all, this style does not require a tan, but if you look at the HG model we notice that they are gentle touch of the sun. Due to the damage that can make solarium would recommend tanning bronzers or toning creams as they are safer for your skin.

2. Hair

Change the hair color! If you do not have naturally blond hair, use paint. Hime color is most often blond, or other bright colors. You can also take advantage of the warm light brown - a safer option. However, if you like to experiment - you can even try very bright blonde, but in moderation!
Loki and all that causes storms on the head. Of course, the mandatory accessories: bow, crown, etc. But the version of the day may be more lenient.

3. Make Up

Is quite specific, dominated by strongly underlined here eyes.
The face must be flawless, delicate pink on the cheeks, lips pale in color (generally hime's got a sweet sweet lips in sweet color), eyes firmly underlined eyeliner and fake eyelashes.

4. Dress
Dress should be kawaii. Colors: all pastel.

5. Jewelry
Wear jewelry! Pearls and everything that glitters is kawaii! Bet on the sweet extras.

6. High heels
Learn to walk in shoes on high heels. Hime Gyaru wearing sneakers or other footwearis no longer a princess. They are mandatory!

7. Nails
Take care of your nails. HG prefer a tipsy highly decorated. So choose a nail oradditions la 3D. Learn to decorate or acrylics. Practice makes perfect.

8. Behavior
Be a princess not only visually but also in the middle. HG don't swear, don't smoke, drink occasionally and in moderation, using colored handkerchiefs. Bet on the label.

9. Hobby
Listen to music sweet. Hime doesn't listen to powerful rock. Interesting is all that sweet.

Have fun! =)

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