22 marca 2011

The basic things that should have every Hime.

There are few things that we need, to be like Hime.

No 1 - Pearls

Pearls, pearls and once again pearls. No matter what form Hime love them in every form.
This can be a necklace, bracelet, ring.

No 2 - Bows

One of the most important additions in the whole wardrobe Hime.
It can be on a blouse, dress, serve as a hairclip or additive to the shoes.
Obligatory and in any form.
Even the welcome on everyday things such as cutlery or on other subjects.
Creativity as the most allowed!

No 3 - Dress

Should be very girly, sweet, can also be feminine.
Colors pastel, sweet.
If any of you, like me, sometimes there is no occasion to wear it
we should have a few pieces and dress her up just in their free time.
Even on a outing with friends, but it should be more delicate,
so that we could dress it in a normal day =)
Extreme version of how much candy.

No 4 - Crown

As an additive to hair.

No 5 - High Heels

The principle is the same as for other things,
must be sweet, elegant, very girls.
Do not throw up once at 11 cm, if we can not walk in them. 
Because our walk is uncertain
and it will be seen.
we can choose the lower.

No 6 - False eyelashes

We can thicken them our eyelashes, but I know it is a big problem with their setting.
So I put a movie from the tutorial:

I use to impose their Koji Eyelid glue.
The famous eyelid glue =)

No 7 - Artificial nails

We can buy ready-made or decorate them yourself,
we can take a nail in the beautician. 

No 8 - Brand

Hime appreciate quality, they buy expensive clothes in familiar stores.
If you do not like spending a lot of money you can
buy cheaper clothes, but you should have a brand thing.

Have fun!

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